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ALPINE Car Audio Set

Monday, 2 November 2009 |


Head Units

Looking for an incredible head unit upgrade? Look no further, Alpine head units offer a variety of features, such as "Media Xpander", by just the push of a button you can boost your sound quality. Add a "V-Link", which lets you plug in your video unit, TV tuner, game, or MP3 player. Digital Time Correction is also another added feature that creates virtual speaker positioning so all sounds reach the listener's ears at the same time. Don't forget there are other optional features too! "Swing face", which allows you to tilt the panel for optimal viewing, and "Phantom Face" which magically retracts the unit back into the dash when you're away from the vehicle.


Alpine Head Unit


The best head unit in the world can't overcome inadequate speakers. Alpine's durable and high-performance speakers which feature hybrid composite cones and independent 1" feather light silk dome tweeters are what you need. While remaining highly efficient, these speakers are perfectly matched to our head units for both power and performance.


Alpine Speakers


Alpine's amps give you the ability to control the level, width, and richness of the bass with the touch of a button while optimizing your entire system.


Alpine Amps


The "Play it Loud" experience is that awesome result of linking killer head units, with our arsenal of speaker configurations, hard-working V-12 amplifies and thunderous subwoofers.


Alpine Subwoofer


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