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Apple - iPod nano

Wednesday, 21 October 2009 |

Rock music. Roll camera.

iPod nano brings video to your music with the new built-in video camera. And for that extra kick: a larger screen and a polished aluminum finish in nine brilliant colours.

The world’s most popular music player
now gives you even more to play with.

Say you find yourself in the middle of an impromptu shopping cart race. Or in the dining hall when a colossal food fight breaks out. Now you can prove it really happened with the iPod nano video camera. Shoot high-quality video in portrait or landscape — perfect for posting on the web or emailing friends. iPod nano also includes a microphone that captures clean audio you can listen to during playback on the built-in speaker. Learn more about the video camera

Design makes rock more glam. New

iPod nano now has a polished anodized aluminum finish in nine electrifying colours. And a larger 2.2-inch colour display for your viewing pleasure.

Genius Mixes. New

Making music mixes has never been easier. Because now Genius does it for you. Learn more about Genius Mixes

FM radio + Live Pause. Return of the
radio star. New

Rock out with the new FM tuner. And new innovative features — Live Pause — make it smarter than the average radio. Learn more about FM radio and Live Pause

VoiceOver. It speaks volumes. New

VoiceOver speaks the names of songs and artists. So you can navigate your music without looking at the screen. Learn more about VoiceOver

Pedometer and Nike + iPod. New

The new Pedometer counts every step you take. Or you can add Nike+ shoes and a Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Which makes your iPod nano the perfect workout partner. Learn more about Nike + iPod

Note to self:
Voice Memos are here. New

The built-in mic lets you capture a thought, a reminder, a class lecture, or any audio recording you want with Voice Memos.

iPod Nanos voice memo and pedometer apps

iTunes. Your greatest hits.

It’s even easier to organise, browse, grow, and share your digital music and video collection with the new iTunes.
Learn more about iPod and iTunes


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